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The PortobelloCar Portal is an aggregator of enthusiasts, professionals, craftsmen, associations, stables, experts, trainers all united by a passion for historic cars, their restoration and the awareness that only by providing quality services can credibility and value grow of this market.


The Partners of the PortobelloCar Portal represent the best selection of professionals, restorers, craftsmen, collectors, associations, teams passionate about the world of historic cars.

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Being on the PortobelloCar Portal means that...

The partners of the Portal, maintaining their own identity, will be able to:

  • Take advantage of all the potential to accelerate content sharing;
  • Increase the visibility of your services through the use of digital and social communication channels;
  • Being part of a community that shares the same passion and the search for quality with which to create synergies;
  • Use the Portal to promote events, courses and other professional and association activities;
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